Introducing Equipment - Clubs, RAD Roller, Naboso Technology

Welcome to my first version of Kinesiologyoga online courses!

Kinesiology is the study of human movement.

Watch each video of each section, then practice yourself. As we go through the course together, each week I will provide a lecture on how to use each section for implementing into your own practice, program writing, class sequencing and much more. Whether you are a student practicing at home, or a Clubbell Yoga instructor in training, this course serves as the foundation for everything I teach at Fit Body Wellness studio and at my seminars.

In 2019, I plan to launch a full 200 Hour Teacher Training course, and this and many other courses launched this year will help you prep for this. If you are not a teacher in training, but want to learn this very powerful technique of teaching loaded yoga based movement, mobility and deep stability conditioning... this course is absolutely for you!

It is a pleasure to teach and share this information with strength & yoga communities, and everyone in between.

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