Joint Mobility Head to Toe Pt 1

Welcome to the first section of my signature method, Awakening. This program is modeled after the three winged system of Circular Strength Training, developed by Scott Sonnon. I have built open and closed chain joint mobility drill into asana. It may help you to remember the "parent poses" and the joint mobility as secondary.

Parent Poses: mountain, quadruped, kneeling lunge, chair, downdog, warrior 2.

I will be putting out a new lecture explaining these principles on week two after the launch. Awakening serves many purposes both for body and mind. Joint Mobility is defined as moving joints through their full range of motion in a linear pattern, then lateral, then in a circle and eventually in a figure 8 pattern. Try out all of these awakening drills at home, integrating fascial tension, deep inner core stability and torque. You will start to train your deep stabilizers in your shoulders, core and hips to learn to fully express your asana with tensegrity (see Thomas Myers Anatomy Trains, Tension + Integrity).

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