Pure Mobility with RAD Roller

A Full Course on Self Myofascial Release for anyBODY

What you'll find in Pure Mobility

38 Coaching Videos for RAD Roller Self Myofascial Release

Welcome to Pure Mobility featuring RAD Roller:

36 tutorial videos to help you release your bound fascia

We need real solutions for mobility that anyone can access regardless of current flexibility or yoga experience.
Pure Mobility is a 36 video tutorial course that walks you through the most effective ways to release bound areas using RAD Roller equipment. Summer’s programming comes from her experience as a RAD Roller Master Trainer, her 500 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, her Master’s Degree in Kinesiology, and her 12 years of experience as a movement performance coach.

In order to fully embody mobility, and make long-lasting change in our tissues, we must activate our nervous system during self myofascial release (SMR).
Pure Mobility is a systematic way to heat the body, prime the neural pathways for movement patterns and get the most out of your RAD Rolling. Great for traveling as well, this equipment is portable for use at home, office or on a trip.

Please note: RAD Roller Equipment is NOT included in the purchase of this course, you must purchase all equipment separately.

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Pure Mobility was designed to address the 6 most common trouble areas in the modern human. Summer educates and coaches you to use the RAD Roller tools, and combines her signature "awakening" sequences to help you improve posture, decrease pain and inflammation, and drastically improve your mobility. As a mobility specialist, Summer coaches clients and students of all levels. The Pure Mobility course will help anyone unlock mobility in even the most bound areas.

Who this course is geared to:
  • people who spend time on devices with “text” neck
  • humans with discomfort in upper back
  • people feeling tight in hip flexors
  • people experiencing tight hamstrings
  • people wanting to improve shoulder health
  • people experiencing stress in their lives
  • fitness trainers
  • athletes
  • strength & conditioning coaches
  • people wanting to learn more about how to perform self myofascial release
  • chiropractors
  • physical therapists
  • yoga instructors
  • people who need bodywork regularly, but want to be proactive in their self care
  • yoga practitioners
  • desk workers
  • drivers (Uber / Lift, or even truck drivers)
  • people who travel for work often
  • aging adults
Summer has used her extensive experience in both research & application to help you truly learn how to do self myofascial release on your own body. Once you understand the principles in effective SMR techniques, you will be able to intuitively RAD Roll daily in these six zones, and release areas you had no idea you could find.

Disclaimer - this a mobility program with RAD Roller tools. No yoga experience needed whatsoever. Coach Summer presents mobility drills, RAD Education and modified stretches for any-BODY.

How it helps you: Pure Mobility will help you restore mobility, reduce stress and become educated in how to unlock bound tissue at home.
Your posture will improve, and your awareness of how you hold your body throughout the day.
The body adapts to the forces placed upon it, and how you sit, stand and move matters.
The Pure Mobility course is for anyone who wants to get the most out of their RAD Roller kit and learn the principles for effective Self Myofascial Release (SMR).
Please note: I highly recommend using this course as preparation for a RAD Roller level 1 and 2 seminars with me, check RAD Roller education schedule for dates and locations.
How this Course is different from Yoga: The RAD Mobility Continuum includes a full body assessment that allows professionals to determine where the true mobility restriction lies. At the beginning of each section, Summer coaches you through a brief mobility test to see where your range of motion is. Often times the root cause of the mobility issue is not the site of pain or restriction, so combining multiple SMR techniques around a problem area is an ideal way to start.

At RAD Roller we want everyone to have the ability to move pain-free. We believe that by educating people on pain assessment, Self Myofascial Release techniques backed by the research and teaching people how to use the tools properly will empower people to take charge of their mobility. RAD Roller was designed by a biomechanist and former triathlete, and the training curriculum developed by an Osteopath Kevin Hendry. This is truly a cutting-edge performance tool made for any Body, to relieve and prevent pain, restore mobility, and bring more balance to the musculoskeletal system as a whole. Anyone can do this, anywhere.

3 Steps to Pure Mobility
Each video tutorial walks you through the steps to elicit true change in your mobility with RAD Roller.
  1. First, establish breath, and get into parasympathetic nervous system tone. Do so by doing a long inhale through the nose, a suspended moment between, and then exhale through the nose.
  2. Kneading - circular motions while breathing
  3. Sheering - moving side to side perpendicular to the direction of the muscle fibers
  4. Flushing - rolling up and down in the same direction of the muscle fibers

RAD Roller - double ball, designed to fit over 2 facets or vertebrae of the spine. Very portable, excellent for mid back, neck, hips, lats and more.

RAD Rounds - varied densities based on color. Great for hip flexors, feet, shoulders, temples, jaw and much more.

RAD Helix - designed with a surface that can lift the superficial layer of fascia up while rolling. Commonly used on quads, mid-back, IT band.

RAD Rod - advanced technology rolling stick, designed with a tacky surface that actually picks up the superficial layer of fascia to increase viscosity. Great for everywhere, neck, quads, shins, lats and performing SMR on others. You can also combine the RAD Rod with other tools like the Helix and the Atom to have handles and greater leverage.

RAD Atom - Circular and very dense. Excellent for Hamstrings, Piriformis, mid back and more. I absolutely love the RAD Atom for athletes, as it helps them find relieve in hard to penetrate areas.

How to use this course - no/low intensity days / follow along / morning or night
Summer recommends going through the course in order the first time to learn everything.
Once you have a handle on how it works, you can use the classes to counter the workouts you are doing or to focus on your trouble spots. For example, if you are a runner and have extremely tight hamstrings and hips, you may want to spend 2-3 days a week focusing on that area to start seeing results. Alternatively if you are a desk worker and you have rounded forward shoulders and mid back, you may want to focus on improving that area by training mobility specifically for that. You can also cycle through this course in order on your no/low intensity days, completing one section per training session.
Her hope is that this course gives you some highly effective mobility routines that integrate a site-specific warm up, then RAD Roller SMR techniques that work, followed by an activation drill that re-enforces the released area. It absolutely works if you follow that three part process, and she can’t wait to share this information with you.

What you get with the Pure Mobility Course Purchase:

  • 38 Downloadable high definition videos, shot from different angles
  • Access to Summer's private Facebook group for people enrolled in this course
  • 15% off of all RAD Roller Equipment, using code SH at checkout
  • Expert level coaching with Summer Huntington

How to Use Pure Mobility:

  • Pure Mobility videos are considered low and now intensity, joint mobility focused session.
  • Training on a four day wave? Go through the course in order, using one entire section as your recovery based training session for a no/low intensity day.
  • Want more mobility? Go through each section, one per day for 7 days.
  • Finding areas that are more bound than others? Repeat the sessions that focus on those areas.
  • Want relief after a moderate or high intensity training day? Choose the section that is geared toward releasing the areas you just worked.

Example: Just finished a heavy lifting day with squats and lunges? Choose the section for Hip Flexors to do at home several hours after your workout. If you don't have time, then make sure to do it on your next no intensity or low intensity day.

4 Day Wave: no intensity // low intensity // moderate intensity // high intensity

If you have no idea what a four day wave is, not to worry. Just aim for 3-4 recovery training days per week to gain mobility. These should be following your training days, either later that night, or the next day.

Remember, mobility training is allowing your fascia and tissues to return to their natural resting length. All athletes and humans have varied bodies, and online courses to not substitute working with a professional.

We offer online coaching via www.fitbodywellness.com and group classes at www.flowshala.com. All seminars taught by Summer can be found at www.clubbellyoga.tv and www.radroller.com.

Thank you for your commitment to training Flow!

Your Instructor

Summer Huntington
Summer Huntington

BIO: Summer Huntington, MS is the founder of Clubbell Yoga, a Master Trainer for RAD Roller and an Ambassador for Naboso Barefoot Technology yoga & workout mats. She also coaches emerging entrepreneurs to create authentic brands with heart through her signature Flow State of Mind Coaching programs. Summer leads immersion retreats for personal development, mentors people around the globe and is a Head Coach for RMAX International - a leader in Flow Science and performance coaching.

Summer has led Clubbell Yoga seminars and workshops in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Vancouver, BC, Budapest, London, Brisbane, Madrid and beyond. She has taught Clubbell Yoga at Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Whistler, Victoria Yoga Conference, contributed to Shape Magazine, and writes inspirational articles for multiple online magazines.

Shop Wellness at www.fitbodywellness.com

Clubbell Yoga Seminars: www.clubbellyoga.tv/events

Summer's official biz coaching & consulting website: www.summerhuntington.com

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Thank you for your commitment to Flow and mobility training. It is a pleasure and honor to share this education with you.

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